FIV+ Cats = Positively Adoptable!

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FIV+ Cats = Positively Adoptable!

FIV sounds bad, but it really isn’t… FIV stands for feline immunodeficiency virus, it typically causes a weakening of the cat’s immune system, but in most cases FIV+ cats live long, healthy lives. Unfortunately when people see that cats are FIV+ they tend to look the other way thinking that FIV+ cats have a shortened lifespan and constant health problems. Multiple medical studies have shown that FIV+ cats live just as long as FIV- cats 🙂

FIV is only transmitted through deep blood-drawing bite wounds, FIV+ cats can live happily in socialized multi-cat households sharing, food, water and litter boxes. Cole is FIV- and we have no worries about him becoming infected, it’s sad that FIV+ cats in shelters are often euthanized or considered unadoptable without giving them a chance.

Purrlease don’t overlook FIV+ cats, they need love too!

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