Bean and Latte Nursing

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Bean and Latte Nursing

I’m sorry I felt I had to put a disclaimer on this one. Personally, I think it’s interesting, cute, and the close-up segment has some lovely purring!

We’ve seen this from many kittens. It seems true that it happens most often when kittens are separated earlier – but I wouldn’t say too early. Especially in the circumstances we’ve seen it lately: Tarragon does this, and was separated from her mom as early as possible after weaning – but not without good reason! Her mom was from a feral cat colony and the best chance of getting the kittens to come around is to separate them early. In her case, it was a great success! Latte and Bean were not separated as such, but had to stop nursing after weaning, because their mom, Star, had a surgery that meant she had to wear a vest that prevented nursing.

I know, I should have said “suckling” instead of nursing on the video. Too late!

Here’s a decent article by a veterinarian on this behavior.

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