We're Back! We Missed You Guys!

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We're Back!  We Missed You Guys!

I missed you guys :(… so I’m going to try Live Streaming with you again here on my main channel N2 Cat Crew and make this the place for you to find out everything about Bo and Kona. You’ve been with me for the last six years and I want to hang out with you for the next six years no matter how the technology on YouTube changes. So… let’s hang out!

Who’s the biggest N2 Cat Crew fan? It’s time to find out. Every day on our livestream we’ll have a fan trivia challenge. The person who wins the most challenges on our broadcasts the most times in March will be given the N2 Cat Crew Fan of the month award and win a totally awesome N2 Cat Crew T-Shirt!

Daily prizes are a signed pic of Bo and Kona along with other prizes

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